April 20, 2010
salvation mountain 04.19.10 17:00 to 18:45

salvation mountain at sunset

with simon

with the cat
with me
with king khan and the shrines
with the creator

February 1, 2010

here a video of the footage that i took while i taking my photos in chinatown at dawn. i ‘edited’ the clips together (although my skills go as far as adding 1,1432,5,24,234 ‘fade to blacks’, and trying to cross dissolve it all together). the lovely simon wolfman put together the music for it. 干杯! (that’s cheers in chinese)

January 29, 2010

i crept into a few alleyways hoping to witness something like this.

January 29, 2010
chinatown 01.29.10 06:30 to 07:30

chinatown at dawn

this is the first of the ‘point in time’ projects. the idea to go to china town before sunrise came to me while i was bored and just thinking of things to do. i never really go to chinatown because i hate weaving my way through a sea of slow moving crowds, and since bars close at 2 here, i rarely get to see the sun rise.

the time between 4:45-6:30 is the secret of every city. it is the absolute perfect setting for an agoraphobic sightseer, or an hermit who needs to stretch their legs. there is no one around and you can wander all over the streets at will. you can peek into people’s windows while they are getting ready and cooking breakfast, or go to the park and see all the old people doing their exercises in the quiet dark. honestly, there was a moment where i even felt like the second the sun came up it was going to break the spell and if i wanted to survive, i would have to be back under my sheets in bed.

January 29, 2010
berlin wall 01.10.01 17:10

A POINT IN TIME is an online photography project. The idea is to discover new qualities of old or familiar places by visiting them and photographing them at specific points in time. the location, date, and time will be the title of the post, then the photos, and maybe a small anecdote, video or film clip.

this is the first post, and mostly just a test post. i took this picture with my sister at the east side gallery in berlin. it was so totally freezing that we could only march through the snow for about 15 minutes before rushing inside to defrost.

so this is berlin in the winter- - the beautiful and inviting sunset reminiscent of tropical sunny beaches, but the black, bleak, and cold buildings looming on the horizon.

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